5 Essential Oils to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

I wanted to share this article on Lifehack.org on which oils to use to calm stress and anxiety.

I have been using these oils in various forms for quite a few years and can attest to their effectiveness.

  1. Lavender: Its calming and gentle aroma helps relax even the most anxious of minds. Lavender is, in fact, the number one calming essence. Its special calming qualities are so legendary that there has even been medical research to learn more about its aid in calming the heart and mind. This oil is the best in extreme panic and stress. Jody's Note: Naturiffic uses Lavender essential oil in our "Sweet Dreams" Bathing Salts and Massage Oils. In addition, in our "Sweet Dreams" Herbal Tea there is Lavender flowers and there are Lavender buds in our Oatmeal Bath Sachet
  2. Rose: Second only after lavender in its healing properties. Not only calming but also uplifting. This one is the best one to choose if you need to calm down but also focus. A good scent to use for an uplifting bath as well. Jody's note: We use Rose Geranium essential oil in our "A Girl's Friend" Bathing Salts.
  3. Jasmine: Do you have a lot to do but feel too anxious to start? Do you have to go out but feel a bit nervous about it? If so, then this oil is the one for you. It gives you a happy vibe and a ready focus to go out and do what needs to be done. Ideal to get in the mood for a party or some other happy gathering.
  4. Cedar Wood: calms the mind and also treats any muscle tension that has been caused by anxiety. It also aids your sleep and lets you wake up happy and alert. Put some drops onto your pillow before you go to bed. If you have stress sinus problems this is the ideal oil to diffuse in your bedroom. (As a bonus it also wards off moths and several other summertime insects.)
  5. Sandalwood: This oil harmonizes the mind and brings mental clarity, it helps scare away fears and is mildly sedative. It also helps positive visualization and concentration.

You can find most of these in Naturiffic's Teas, essential oil infused Bathing Salts and of course our Massage Oils.

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