Announcing our new Naturiffic Affiliate Program!!

Being a small artisan vendor, means we don’t have a large marketing budget, but being the manufacturer means we have some room to be creative.

Our primary markets:

·        Herbal Teas

·        Gourmet Seasonings

·        Essential & Massage Oils

·        Bath Products

Target customers will be found in the following segments:

Lifestyles, Food, Cooking, Health, Wellness, Gourmet, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Massage Oils, among others.

We are seeking partners to help us establish brand exposure in these markets.

There are several different ways for us to collaborate.

1.      Blog Link Exchange: Naturiffic maintains a blog at where we do link exchanges with other bloggers (email with Subject: Link Exchange for more info)

2.      Product Reviews: Do you have a substantial social media following? A Product Review blog? We will supply you with free product (US addresses only) for you to review on your site/page/feed. You keep the product. Email is at with the Subject: Product Reviews for more information. Want to monetize that review? Become a Naturiffic Affiliate!

3.      Naturiffic Affiliate:

a.      Online Affiliate: Earn 15% of every sale you send our way. That’s right..15%!. You can go to our Affiliate Registration Page and sign-up. Once approved, you will be given a custom link to our store. Every single sale that results from someone following that link will earn you 15% commission. There is only room for 50 affiliates at this time, so we will be selective in who we approve. We are looking for partners that want to make some money and have the network of followers to do so. You can find the Terms of Service for our affiliate program here.

b.      Network Network Affiliate: Do you want to sell Naturiffic products at your local farmers market, BBQ Cook-off or Festival? Our Naturiffic Affiliates receive Banners, Business Cards, and discounted product! Naturiffic Network Affiliates earn 30-40% mark-up on our products. Email us with the Subject: Naturiffic Network Affiliate for more information





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