Cheesesteaks on the Griddle

After a long stretch of rain, today was a gorgeous sunny day in the mid 60s.
I decided it was time to give the Blackstone I got for Christmas some love.

I love a good Philly Cheesesteak, but I am a few thousand miles from Philadelphia.
So I made the next best thing.

Philly-fornia Cheesesteaks.

I found these gorgeous loin steaks at the local grocer on sale.



They sale was on bone-in steaks, so I de-boned them. (This made the dogs happy)


Sliced up some onions and heated up the Blackstone.
I seasoned the onions with Naturiffic's Garlicky Lemon Gourmet Salt and several pats of butter.

While the onions were cooking I sliced up the steak which had been chilling in the freezer to firm up.


These slices of steak were also seasoned with Garlicky Lemon Salt.

Onions are coming along...


Might as well add some Shiitakes.


And the steak


Provolone and Havarti cheese (no whiz)
Starting to get dark..

On a toasted torpedo roll


Thanks fofor checking out my cheesesteak!