Chorizo Con Huevos: Argentine Sausage, Hatch Chilies & Heirloom Tomatoes

Picked up some Argentine Chorizo and some heirloom tomatoes from the Farmers Market yesterday, and happened to also pick up some Hatch Chiles from the local grocer.

So guess what breakfast was today? Yup! Chorizo Con Huevos..on the grill.

1 lb of sausage


First the hatch chilies go on the Cue-Grill to get all nice and roasted.









While that was happening I fired up the Weber with the sear pan in the inset and tossed in some diced Serrano peppers, Naturiffic Peppery Lime Salt and the sausage.

Once the Hatch Chilies had blistered skin, tossed them in a bag to steam a bit and then peeled the skin, seeded and diced up the roasted chilies.

I also diced up the heirloom tomato. The tomato and the roasted hatch chili went in the sausage.


Let that get all happy and then in went 6 eggs (beaten) and once the eggs had set, it all gets topped with slices of sharp cheddar.

On the other grill (one i roasted the Hatch Chilies with) I put on some tortillas to heat up.

And serve.

This is one you must try!