Over the past year Naturiffic has brought me places I never would have thought of and continues to evolve into the vision I have had for it all along;

A company providing products that are free from additives and chemicals that everyone can feel good using.

What started as a really bad tummy ache over 3 years ago has become an avenue for me to share my successes in finding ways to feel good. 

As we continue to evolve, it is important that we keep a focus on why and how this business came to be.  To help maintain that focus, I have split the Naturiffic website into the three main focus points that matter to me.

  1. EAT 
  2. DRINK 
  3. LIVE 




This is where it all started and where we return to today. 

In 2013 I had multiple visits & stays in the hospital with stomach cramps so severe I couldn't stand it. After dozens of procedures and hundreds of vials of blood  (lab tests), there was still not a definitive diagnosis. 

Crohns, Celiac, IBS, Auto-immune, Fibromyalgia were among the disorders that one Doctor would come up with, only to have the next Doctor disprove it.  

At wits end, I finally came across a gastroenterologist that gave me the direction I needed.  

His suggestion was that I start a food journal to see if there was any correlation between the foods I consumed and the way I felt.

After 6 months of writing down everything single thing I ate...and then how I felt 30 minutes later (or even 2 days later), I started to notice correlations, I added those foods to a Risk List, as I started eliminating foods on the Risk List, I began to feel better and better.

Naturiffic products in the EAT category are products that we manufacture in-house that meet the criteria of: 

  • Non-processed or minimumly processed. All natural ingredients
  • Clean food (simple ingredients and as few as possible) 
  • Sustainable  
  • Personal experience using  

Our first product in this category was just launched: 

Gourmet Cooking Salts

We hope to add more products to this category soon. 



 One of the "foods" that ended up on the Risk List" was coffee. 

It seemed every time I would drink it..I would get reactions, both belly (potty) reactions and skin reactions, so I went looking for a replacement.

I found that replacement in herbal tea. As a bonus, I discovered that when I had tea with Ginger included in it, my tummy aches would start to settle down.

From that I started sourcing the best whole leaf herbal tea I could find and blending it with Ginger and other herbs.

That is how the Naturiffic Tea blends originated.  our current offerings include:

  • Tummy Tamer Tea (with Ginger) 
  • Anytime Tea (this used to be called Achy Bones for the tea properties, but everyone enjoyed it so much we renamed it Anytime
  •  Sniffles Tea 
  • Sweet Dreams Tea 
  • A Girl's Friend 

 You can find our Naturiffic Teas here


Part of my recovery was indulging myself in Epsom Salt baths when I was in pain. Through this I discovered that if I added certain essential oils to my bath, I would see immediate benefits. (Ginger would help with tummy aches, Rosemary and Frankenscense would help with the pain caused by inflammation)

In fact at the time I was plagued by reoccurring migrane headaches and found when I rubbed peppermint oil on my temples, my migrane would subside somewhat.

This is where the Naturiffic Bath products and Massage Oil blends came from. 


So please continue to EAT. DRINK. LIVE.  NATURALLY.