Gingery Orange Grilled Lamb

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Tonight when I got home from work, my lovely wife informs me that she had picked up a boneless, butterflied piece of lamb on her trip to the store.
Lamb happens to be one of my favorites, and I got right to preparing it for the grill.

I enjoy lamb prepared many different ways, but this time I wanted to keep it simple, so I grabbed the Gingery Orange Gourmet Salt off the counter and applied it to the lamb along with some rosemary.

Season all sides of lamb well with the Gourmet Salt and the Rosemary. Grill it indirect at ~450f for 15-20 minutes, then direct sear. Remove from heat when it is between 130F - 140F, depending on how cooked you prefer it.


Lamb seasoned with Gingery Orange Gourmet Salt and Rosemary


It took me about 20 minutes to get the grill ready before I was able to go back inside and grab the lamb. This is what greeted me once I got outside with it (as i was getting ready to put it on the grill)


The dehydrated Orange Peel and Ginger have come alive from the moisture on the lamb

The Orange Peel and Ginger are both in dehydrated form, when they hit moisture of any kind, they re-hydrate and provide dynamic and flavorful seasoning


I set the grill up to cook hot and fast at about 450F, and put the lamb over indirect heat for about 20 min, then it was time to sear it over the fire.

Note the charcoal baskets on either side, while the Lamb and the Broccolini is off the heat

Note the charcoal baskets on either side, while the Lamb and the Broccolini is off the heat

Reverse Searing the Lamb


Once the Lamb was done ( 130F checked with my Thermapen), I took it off to let it rest (about 15 minutes).

After it had rested it was time to slice it and serve it.

Gingery Orange Grilled Lamb, served with Broccolini and Sweet Potato

Hope you enjoy when you make it as much as we did!