How Important is Magnesium and How Can We Get More?

More and more I am seeing articles on mineral imbalances within our own bodies.

What we eat, how much time we spend inside (or outside), medicines we are taking, all of these things can effect our health. Some can impact our health in positive ways (hiking, eating clean, Epsom baths) others in negative ways (eating too much sugar,  processed foods, sedentary lifestyle).

For example this article from Collective-Evolution provides and in-depth look at how important Magnesium is to our health. 

"Magnesium is a cofactor in over three hundred reactions in the body, necessary for transmission of nerve impulses, temperature regulations, detoxification in the liver, and formation of bones and teeth"

The article goes onto describe the many symptoms of magnesium deficiency and then gives us four ways to increase our intake of Magnesium:

1. Eat magnesium rich foods grown on organic soil.

2. Take ionic magnesium drops. 

3. Apply magnesium oil to your skin.

4. Soak in epsom salt baths. This will provide not only magnesium, but sulfur for your liver as well.

I have learned most of this the hard way, as I have fought many of these symptoms over the past few years.

In fact one of the first ways I learned to comfort my belly ache was to soak in a Epsom salt bath and when I launched my company Naturiffic, Bathing Salts (which are a mix of Epsom salt and mineral rich Himalayan salts) became one of the first product offerings.

More recently I have been looking for other ways to get more of these natural minerals our bodies require.

This article from SF Gate details some of the many minerals found in unrefined Sea Salts.

" sea salt can boast of as many as 75 minerals and trace elements"

Earlier this month Naturiffic launched our own brand of Gourmet Sea Salts. Hand Harvested from the Trapani region of Sicily, Italy, these are unrefined sea salts of the highest quality.

Take control of your health today.

Bathe & Eat Clean.