Naked Ribs; Oak Smoked & Seasoned with Sea Salt

I am not a fan of heavily rubbed ribs with the sticky sweet sauce on them, I much prefer to keep ribs simple. A little sea salt, a little smoke and a little Apple Cider Vinegar glaze and call it a day.

I have two racks I picked up. One got straight sea salt (my wife don't care for anything spicy), the other gets Naturiffic Hot Salt!

Sea Salt Rack

Sea Salt Rack


Into the smoker. Hot Salt on the right, Sea Salt on the left

2 hours in and it is time for an Apple Cider Vinegar bath.
I use unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with some mixed peppercorns ground into it.

There will be no foil used in the creation of these ribs.

Cooking at ~275F on a horizontal stick burner with Live Oak.

2.5 hours in and starting to show some bones, 2nd coating of Apple Cider Vinegar goes on.

3 hours in and the 3rd and last coating of Apple Cider Vinegar goes on.
Next time the lid of the smoker goes up, these should be ready to pull off. (about 2 more hours)

Once the rib s hit ~190 internal temp, it was time to pull them off the smoker and slice them.


Hot Salt Ribs were Tasty!

Next time you make ribs - Make naked Ribs!