Cinnamon Bark Oil

Cinnamon Bark Oil

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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil.

Cinnamon bark essential oil is extracted from the bark of the tropical evergreen tree that grows cinnamon. For centuries, it has been used in many culinary arts, and is especially popular in desserts and drinks; today it is even used in toothpaste and chewing gum. It also has medicinal properties, such as supporting a healthy metabolism, immune system, kidney and urinary tract functions, circulatory system, and blood sugar levels, and it can act as a cleanser for the body.

  • Scientific Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum
  • Application: Aromatic, Topical, Internal, Dilute
  • Plant Part: Bark
  • Extraction Method: Steam distillation
  • Aromatic Description: Warm, woody, earthy, spicy, slightly sweet
  • Main Chemical Components: Main Chemical Components: Cinnameldehyde, Eugenol


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