Gingery Orange Gourmet Seasoning

Gingery Orange Gourmet Seasoning

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Hand harvested unrefined artisanal sea salts from Sicily have been blended with Orange Peel, Ginger and Fennel Pollen. Use in any recipe, as a Grilling salt or as a Finishing Salt.

Fantastic on Pork,Lamb and even Grilled Peaches!!

Available in 3 sizes

2 oz Travel Tin: This durable metal tin is great to take out to the grill or on your next camping trip

4 oz Bag: This is our new eco-friendly 4 oz Rice Paper bag

16 oz Bag: This is our new eco-friendly 16 oz Rice Paper bag. This also works great to refill your tins and classic Chef Jars (with the wooden spoons).

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Used the Gingery Orange in coleslaw, and as a topping for fresh chevre. It worked beautifully
— Lea W.