Zen Blend

Zen Blend

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The new tea season starts in China in late March/early April (dependent on weather patterns) and it is during the first 4 weeks that the best teas are manufactured. After this initial period the quality of the teas and green leaf start to deteriorate rapidly and the teas become quite plain. Dragon Pearls are only made from tea plucked in the first 3 weeks of the new season. Coinciding with the new tea growth, the jasmine bushes are in spring bloom. Only the most fragrant blossoms are used (from bushes that are known to produce the most fragrant flowers). These fresh flowers are layered between the tea and before long the intense and uplifting fragrance of the new jasmine blooms is passed on to the tea. An extraordinary taste experience!

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From: China
Region: Fujian Province
Shipping Port: Fuzhou
Grade: Tea pearls with delicate jasmine scent
Altitude: 1500-4900 feet above sea level
Manufacture Type: Steamed green tea and hand rolled
Cup Characteristics: Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavor and a heavenly jasmine character.
Infusion: Pale green liquor

Ingredients: Green tea, and Jasmine petals.