Jamie: Harvest Brine

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The harvest brine is great on tofu! Being a vegetarian I don't usually think about brining, but the sound of Apple, maple sage was something I had to try! I sliced up a 16 oz block of extra firm tofu into 1/2" - 1cm thick "steaks" and sprinkled 1 teaspoon of the brine blend on the slices and put them in a plastic bag for a couple days.
I lightly pan fried the slices in avocado oil for a slight crisp. I was so pleasantly surprised by the subtle sweet flavors of Maple and Apple that was a wonderful combo with the salty sage. What a treat!

It's great on tofu too!

Lee: Gourmet Seasonings

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The salt is amazing. All of it. Used the Gingery Orange in coleslaw, and as a topping for fresh chevre. It worked beautifully. Also used the the Peppery Lime in guacamole to great compliments from the eaters. The Garlicky Lemon was fab. on grilled chicken before and after with a sprinkling. Made an excellently simple angel hair pasta with butter and Garlicky Lemon. Thank you for including me in the survey.

Angela: Gourmet Seasonings

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My favorite out of the three salts that I sampled was the Peppery Lime salt. I have not gotten into making my own seasonings too much so I tend to use some staples around the house. My husband likes Mrs. Dash Original. YOUR SALTS will replace any store bought seasonings that I currently purchase. Hurry and get them out on the market - I NEED SOME ASAP! Ps. I would like to offer promoting your salts on my Facebook Page, "Your Next Great Dish!" So, any time that you would like to post your link with information,

Jennifer: Naturiffic Products

Jody Shepard

A body out of balance creates chaos for the mind and disharmony for the soul. This line of Naturiffic products is restoring that essential balance and bringing with it a beautiful calm and peace of mind. No matter what my discomfort, there is a product to soothe me and offer me serenity as I take time to care for myself. Sipping on a hot cup of tea while soaking in a luxurious bath truly restores me. My favorite product is the Tummy Tamer tea. Plagued with digestive issues all my life, this product brings relief like no other. I enthusiastically give Naturiffic my highest recommendation.