Welcome to Naturiffic's Wholesale page

Naturiffic is currently seeking retailers and distributors for our product lines. Naturiffic self-manufacturers artisan products made with all natural ingredients.  Today's consumers are much more conscious about the foods they put in and on their body than ever before. With that in mind and driven by personal health issues, we have developed a small but growing line of products that any health conscious consumer will be thrilled to take home.


Gourmet Cooking Salts

We use a hand harvested sea salt from Sicily to produce flavorful seasoning slats unlike anything else on the market. What makes our salt different?

  1. Top quality ingredients (all natural, no additives)
  2. Clean & simple:3-4 ingredients maximum
  3. Coarse grains througout for better portion control

Loose Leaf Tea

Naturiffic sources our tea directly from one of the top importers of herbal teas in the US. All our tea is packaged at our facility in California.


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