Q-Salt Gourmet Seasoning

Q-Salt Gourmet Seasoning

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Naturiffic Q-Salt (BBQ salt) is a hearty blend of coarse sea salt and coarse ground black pepper, with a twist,

This blend was made for BBQ, but is delicious no matter how it is used.

Beef, Pork, Chicken, Veggies & More!

Available in 4 sizes

2 oz Travel Tin: This durable metal tin is great to take out to the grill or on your next camping trip

3.5 oz Chef’s Jar with Wooden Spoon

4 oz Bag: This is our eco-friendly, recloseable 4 oz Rice Paper bag (also a refill for the Chef Jar)

16 oz Bag: This is our new eco-friendly, recloseable 16 oz Rice Paper bag.

All Natural Ingredients
Ingredients: Sicilian (Trapani) Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Spices (Garlic, Mushrooms, Celery)

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