Smoke-Fried (Grilled) Schnitzel - Gluten Free!

Summertime is known as "grilling season" , however as most grilling aficionados know, grilling has no season. Here at our house we grill year round and it is not just burgers we are grilling. If it can be cooked inside, it can be cooked outside is my philosophy, and to further prove that point, I present:

Smoke-Fried Schnitzel 

 Pork Schnitzel that is.

Smoke-Fried Schnitzel  

Smoke-Fried Schnitzel  

Important to clarify, because Schnitzel means different things in different parts of the world.

In NC where I was raised, Pork Tenderloin gets this same treatment and is inserted between a freshly made biscuit for a "Tenderloin biscuit". When we use chicken and cover it in milk gravy we call it Chicken-Fried steak (or country fried steak if using cubed steak).

The original Wiener Schnitzel (Austria) uses veal, in this country, schnitzel is typically pork loin/chops.

On with the Schnitzel!

Because of my wife's celiac, we eat gluten free around here,  however due to the many varieties of GF flour blends out there these days we are still able to enjoy Schnitzel. 

I used a combination of Namaste Foods Gluten Free Flour and Bob's Red Mill Corn meal (2 cups flour to 1 cup corn meal), to that I added 1 Tablespoon of Garlicky Lemon Sea Salt and mixed it all well.

I used thin cut boneless pork chops (loin) and pounded them out. Once I had them pounded out I dipped them in a egg/milk mixture and dredged them through the flour, then I dipped and dredged them again. Now they are ready to head to the grill.





On my Weber Performer, I have the Weber Gourmet BBQ System which are a variety of grate inserts that fit in the center of the main grill grate. One of the inserts is a griddle, it is the griddle that I will use to quick fry the schnitzel so it sets the breading.

Just a couple of minutes per side and they go onto the outside of the grate to get some smoke flavor and finish cooking.

Once they were done (doesn't take long, as the meat is really thin at this point), I took them off and hit them with the juice of one lemon. I served it with Sesame Almond Green Beans & Parmesan Garlic Risotto.

His & Her Plates of Schnitzel


It turned out great, you could taste a hint of the smoke flavor from the charcoal and the fresh lemon lightened it right up. The Garlicky Lemon Sea Salt (along with our other products) are available below.