Smoke-Roasted Whole Chicken

This was a 5.96 lb bird and it was dry brined with our new Dry Brine product for 24 hours.
The application of the dry brine was just like any rub you would use.

Amount of Dry Brine: 2 Tbs for 6lbs of bird.

Once it was rubbed with the brine it went into a bag and into the fridge for an overnight nap.




During the 24 hour period, the chicken was flipped once and massaged to help distribute the (no longer dry) brine.

This is what is looked like when it emerged out of the bag
I then let it air dry for about an hour while I set up the Weber for indirect chicken cooking.

Note: The chicken was not rinsed and no other seasonings were added post brine.



This is a progress shot shortly after the asparagus was added.

The moisture on these white meat slices is all from internal juices post-slice (after a 30 min rest)

Overall impressions:
Easiest and most flavorful brine I have ever used.
The white meat and dark meat both were very juicy and succulent.

In our testing it has been found to work beautifully on Turkey, Chicken and Pork.

Official launch date: Sept. 1 2016

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