Announcing Our New Gourmet Salt Line!

Introducing Naturiffic's new Gourmet Salt product line!

At Naturiffic our goal is to provide our customers with the finest quality, all natural products. For the past few years, our household has been on a mission to eat better.
I wish this was due to some planned goal of being a healthier human, but it is not, rather it is a pretty serious bout of hospital visits and countless doctor visits over the course of several years trying to diagnose and improve my wife's digestive issues that was the catalyst for this.

The one thing that finally got us some results was a food journal that my wife started keeping. The outcome had us changing up our diets. Eliminating gluten was the first step, but as we progressed we found that we both felt better reducing the amount of processed food we were consuming as well.

While most of what we eat these days is unprocessed or minimally processed whole foods, we were neglecting the processed foods we put on and in our foods...Salt & Spices. While it is fairly simple to buy organic non-processed herbs and spices, it was not so simple to do the same with our salt.

Due to the fact that we have eliminated most of our processed foods, we also eliminated a ton of salt that are added to these products. This has brought about the necessity to add salts while we are cooking, or at the table.



Since your typical table salt is an industrial salt full of iodine and anti-caking agents and most readily available sea salts are not much better, we decided there was a need to produce a simple, clean & unrefined salt, with just enough herbs and spices added to make it useful in everyday cooking.

The Gourmet Salts we are producing use Trapani Salt as the base. Trapani salt is hand harvested and unrefined.

Harvesting Salt in the Trapani Sicily Salt pans (windmills are used to grind the salt)

Harvesting Salt in the Trapani Sicily Salt pans (windmills are used to grind the salt)


Naturiffic Gourmet Salts are great with Beef, Pork, Poultry, Vegetables, Salads & Desserts.